About the Herne Hill website

The Herne Hill web site and online forum helps our community connect with each other and to help one other another. We have been running a community website for Herne Hill since 2003 and we have grown the site so that we now host hundreds of visitors every day.

Our intrepid site maintainers are all willing volunteers, doing what they can, all in their own precious spare time. They always welcome inspiring new ideas, comments and suggestions about how we could make the site better, deliver more news, information and collaboration to the people of Herne Hill. If you have any ideas fitting that description or anything you'd like to contribute, please raise an issue using our snazzy Issue Tracker tool. One of the team will get back to you.

But please also bear in mind that it can take time for them to get to your request. So try to be patient – your message will be dealt with as soon as possible.

More information about the Herne Hill Forum, the local community group that is behind much of this web site can be found in their new Group in our Community section. 

Site relaunch

This website was redesigned over a period of a year, then relaunched in early 2015. The project was worked on by many local volunteers with help from the lovely people at Folk Labs, Paul Mackay and Chris Wells.

It may interest you to know that all the development work on the site to develop the engine underneath is available as open source code. That means that the whole lot is available for anyone else to download from GitHub. Basically, any other community, anywhere in the world who'd like to have a site just like this one can go and download it and run it for themselves – absolutely free, thanks to the work we have done.

What this site can do

We incorporated as many improvements as we could into this new version of our site in order to allow you to benefit from our years of experience in running a website for our local community.

You can read all the latest local news articles, discover upcoming events in our What's on section. Our beloved discussion forums have been improved.

Share the love

If you like what you see here, please tell the world – especially everyone you know who lives, works or plays in Herne Hill and share the love!