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Crime and anti-social behaviour public meeting

There has been a marked upturn in crime and anti-social behaviour in recent months. From shop-lifting through to car crime, thefts from doorsteps and muggings for mobile phones. The Herne Hill Forum has organised a public meeting to highlight these issues and to find out what is being done to combat them. We will have representatives from the Police, Councillors (Lambeth and Southwark), rough sleeping outreach teams and the safer neighbourhood panel. We are also collating in advance the key issues that have affected people so we can make sure that they are addressed at the meeting. If you have experienced any specific issue or are aware of problems in the Herne Hill area then please let us know by emailing in to As we are expecting a high turnout we are asking people to book via Eventbrite to let us know you will be attending. Together as a community we can really make a difference to how things are tackled, your support is really important in making this happen. If you can help with the meeting, maybe book people in, hand out tea and coffee or help with publicity then please let us know, we welcome more volunteers. Book a free…

Christmas Wellness Event

A unique wellness event where health screening tests (iron, vitamin d or thyroid) can be chosen along, with a consultation with a pharmacist and nutritionist.

Singing Mamas – South London

Singing Mamas is all about taking care of the women who spend so much time being busy taking care of others. It’s all about making YOU feel good. There are no auditions, no solos, no reading music. Just simple songs taught by ear, with the aim to reduce stress, connect with others, build community, and improve wellbeing. Oh, and there’s always tea and cake, too. No prior musical experience is needed – we sing for connection, not for perfection! Mums, grandmas, bumps, babies, older children, and women without kids are all welcome.