If you have some relevant content you’d like to contribute to the website, there are two ways you can do it:


  1. If you’re on Twitter, simply use the hashtag #HerneHill and our site will automatically pick up your post.
  2. If you’d like to add an event to the calendar, see the instructions below.

Adding an event

You can add an event to the calendar yourself. Just follow these steps:

    1. You need to register an account by clicking the Register button at the top of the website or by following this link. Before doing so you may wish to read our privacy policy. Our spam filter may prevent you from registering – just get in touch if this happens and we can unblock you.
    2. You will be sent an email, click the link to set your password.
    3. Now you have an account you can login at the top of the website.
    4. Once logged in you will see the website with a black bar at the top. Here you can click Events then Add Event. This takes you to the admin panel.
    5. Click Add new at the top of the Events admin area.
    6. Give your event a title, then in the content editing box write your content.
    7. Under the content box is a box called “The Events Calendar” and here you fill in all of the details such as date, time, venue and event website.
    8. To associate an image with your event, please prepare your image first then click “set featured image” on the right and upload your prepared image. It will then appear in your event listing. Images cannot be larger than 1MB, should be no wider than 1200px and MUST be 72 dpi. If you do not know how to prepare images for the web, please don’t upload one!
    9. Select one or two of the categories from the list on the right.
    10. Then you can either Preview the event, Save Draft or Publish it.
    11. If you have a recurring event, please create the first event and then contact us to duplicate it for you.
    12. Don’t forget to logout by hovering over your login name in the top right of the screen and then clicking Log Out.

NB: you can only edit events that you have created but not events that other people have created.

We will have a clear out of Events and their associated images periodically so don’t be surprised if you can’t find it listed once it has been and gone.

Any problems, just get in touch.

Top tips

  • To see more options in the content editor, click the Toolbar Toggle button
  • Try not to style your text too much as our website will style fonts as we want them, for consistency. You can choose if the text is a heading and you can add links.
  • If you are copying text from Word, please click the “paste as text” button BEFORE copying the text from Word – this will remove the unnecessary formatting that Word attaches to text.
  • If your content is long it will look odd when on the homepage of our website. You can choose where the website cuts off the text on the homepage by inserting a “read more tag” into the text by clicking this button at the top of the editor .
  • You can ignore the following boxes in the admin area: Yoast SEO, Excerpt, Discussion, Event Options, Tags.
  • If you get a message saying you can’t create an account, please contact us as we have a filter in place to prevent rogue user accounts being created and sometimes it’s a bit too strict and prevents people it shouldn’t!
  • If you create an event and there’s no “publish” button, just a “schedule” button – set a time in the past and schedule the post for then and it will be published straight away.