Welcome to the Herne Hill Neighbourhood Plan Forum

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Welcome to the Herne Hill Neighbourhood Plan Forum

What's this Neighbourhood Plan (NP) stuff all about?  

This is our (the Herne Hill community) chance to build a community-led framework document which sets out a guide on future development, regeneration and conservation of the area.  Once successful, it will be part of a statutory development plan.

What can I do?

Now that we're just about ready to submit our boundary and qualifying statement (initial application), it's time for the fun stuff to begin! Things like getting out and talking to the community about what we like about Herne Hill, what we want to conserve, what we want to see changed, ideas about what Herne Hill could be in the future and what's most important to us.  

Who is behind this?

The NP is led and sponsored by the Herne Hill Forum supported by a great team of volunteers.  We're always happy to have new recruits so please get in contact if you'd like to get involved.  No amount of help is too little.  

Please see the Neighbourhood Plan for more information and frequent updates - http://www.hernehill.org.uk/groups/herne-hill-neighbourhood-plan