Tutors Wanted

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Tutors Wanted

Tutors Wanted

Who are we?

Reid & Educational Services are a small company whom provided 1:1 and online tutoring services to families in south London. We currently are based in Dulwich, however, it would be great to expand our area.

What are we looking for? Could you be a part of the team?

Everyone remembers one person that has inspired them in their live. Someone who changed the way they saw things and helped them to see and reach their potential. As tutors, that is what we do!

At Reid & Educational Services, we aim to develop and inspire the next generation. We are looking for passionate people to make a difference to the many children.

We would ideally like our tutors to have some experience of working with children. Some tutoring experience would be beneficial. Nevertheless, this is not a requirement as we will help you develop your tutoring skills. We would like our tutors to have a minimum of 1 years teaching experience.

We are looking for both primary and secondary tutors. Our tutors will teach either 1:1 (in person) or online sessions. We would like our tutors to create a relevant and challenging syllabus for each student, and provide feedback to both students and parents.

As a tutor you will be:

- Passionate about learning.
Have outstanding communication skills
Be patient with students
Be a team player
Be a professional role model

What will you be doing?

You will tutor children in your prefer area, this may be primary or secondary. You will tutor children with a range of learning abilities. You will deliver sessions in person or online and provide the materials to support this session. You will need to tailor your approach to support children’s learning and help them to progress at their own pace.

You will need to encourage children to overcome challenges and of course celebrate their effort even if they get the answer incorrect. Tuition assignments are available on both long term and short term basis. You can take on more than one student if you require. You will be required to give written feedback to the parents/guardians via email. This will be giving a brief overview of which topics you have covered, what progress has been made, and how much each student has engaged with the tuition.

What else do you need to know?

You will have flexible working hours, you will organise your sessions with the families with guidance from the company on hours. The majority of our tutors work the same day each week. We would like our tutors to have a minimum of a C in English and Mathematics GCSE (or equivalent). You must have a vailed Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) document, we will require this and your DBS number. Due to Ofsted regulations, we require our tutors to be aged 18 or over to apply.

We are currently completing most of our sessions online due to the COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions.


Please contact me at fabien@reidedu.com or call 07494678501