Dorchester Court Planning Application: Appeal from Residents

Three years after beginning the consultation process Manaquel Ltd, the landlord, has finally submitted its plans to build 8 townhouses on the garage site and 16 flats on top of the 8 blocks of Dorchester Court.

Manaquel have always ‘sold’ this plan as their way to guarantee Dorchester Court gets fixed. Amazingly, after all the promises, although their planning documents describe the renovation works, they make no concrete commitment to doing them.

Half Moon Dental Centre: Appeal for Support in Planning Application

Half Moon Dental Centre have asked the Forum to share details of a planning application they are submitting to expand their premises upstairs.

They would like to expand into to one bedroom flat above, but have been declined planning twice before due to loss of residential space. They are asking the planners to see the bigger picture in terms of what the expansion would offer the community and local business. If they are unable to secure expansion, they would have to scale back on NHS services to cope with demand.

Public Meeting: Proposed development on Higgs Industrial Estate

Herne Hill Society, Brixton Society and Loughborough Junction Action Group are holding a public meeting on Weds 27th February regarding a proposed development by Peabody on the Higgs Industrial Estate, including 14 and 17-storey tower blocks.

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