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The HHF submits application to take forward a Neighbourhood Plan

The Herne Hill Forum submitted its application to take forward a Neighbourhood Plan with a proposed boundary to Southwark and Lambeth.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the process of determining the area and for interest in articulating a vision for the future of Herne Hill.

HHF is looking for someone to help with survey work for Herne Hill neighbourhood project

Person required to run door-to-door survey in and around sections of Herne Hill to assist with local neighbourhood project. The exercise involves collecting opinion from a prescribed list of around 300 households/businesses. Interest in data analysis useful but not essential.

Please contact for further details including payment terms.

Herne Hill Neighbourhood Plan public meeting and EGM

What is your vision for Herne Hill over the coming years? 

What does it need; housing, transport, environment, amenities, planning, economy?

Herne Hill is developing a Neighbourhood Plan that will be the blueprint for how development can take place in the local area. The Neighbourhood Plan is written by the local residents and traders who live in the area, thats you!

The meeting on the 27th is the start, getting your ideas, priorities and contributions that will make up the Neighbourhood Plan. It will be a hands-on event, everyone able to contribute. 

Herne Hill is at a cross-roads

Herne Hill is at a cross roads.

Today saw the first of the many traders moving out of their premises in Station Square, moved on elsewhere so that the landlord, Network Rail can develop the site. Some of those traders have been there for decades, part of the fabric of the neighbourhood, there through thick and thin.

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