JOM Micro Music Festival returns to Brockwell Park for 2019

For the second year running Brockwell Park will host a free music festival featuring Junior Open Mic’ers with a line-up of 30 acts. The festival hopes to raise £1000 for Brockwell Park Community Partners, the charity that co-runs the park.

Last year’s event attracted an audience of 400 with festival quality sound engineered by one of the UKs top bands. The acts were eclectic - from punk bands to recordists to caped crusaders. Part of the fun was seeing who performed next.

Experience performing on a live music stage in private

JOM is offering youngsters the opportunity to experience performing on a sound stage in complete privacy or with just close family present – for free! If your child is musically minded or likes to put on a shows for the family from behind the sofa then this is a great next step. Acoustics are on a par with television shows like The Voice and X-Factor and the vibe is friendly.

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