Home is Where the Art Is, at Dorchester Court

The Dorchester Court community is proud to present the inaugural Dorchester Court Art Exhibition - 'Home is where the Art is'.

You are cordially invited to visit our private 2-day art exhibition, which showcases work done entirely by the artistic community living in the beautiful – if dilapidated - Dorchester Court estate in Herne Hill.

Entry is free.

Usually, we have a summer party at this time of year, featuring live music performed by residents and friends with hundreds attending, with homemade food and BYO drinks.

Dorchester Court Planning Application: Appeal from Residents

Three years after beginning the consultation process Manaquel Ltd, the landlord, has finally submitted its plans to build 8 townhouses on the garage site and 16 flats on top of the 8 blocks of Dorchester Court.

Manaquel have always ‘sold’ this plan as their way to guarantee Dorchester Court gets fixed. Amazingly, after all the promises, although their planning documents describe the renovation works, they make no concrete commitment to doing them.

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