Dorchester Court Planning Application: Appeal from Residents

Three years after beginning the consultation process Manaquel Ltd, the landlord, has finally submitted its plans to build 8 townhouses on the garage site and 16 flats on top of the 8 blocks of Dorchester Court.

Manaquel have always ‘sold’ this plan as their way to guarantee Dorchester Court gets fixed. Amazingly, after all the promises, although their planning documents describe the renovation works, they make no concrete commitment to doing them.

The Carnegie Heritage Plan – Consultation – Seeking your views

Carnegie Community Trust (CCT) was established in 2015 to preserve the Carnegie Library building for the use of the community. The Trustees of CCT want the building to respond to 21st century uses whilst continuing to preserve the Edwardian heritage both in the exterior and interior fabric of the building, and in learning and recreation in the local area.

Bus Routes Consultation, affects routes including 3, 40, 45 and 171

Herne Hill residents may not be aware that TfL are running a major consultation on bus routes, which may result in a whole raft of cutbacks, owing to falling passenger numbers.
For example, the 40 would no longer go to Aldgate, the 45 would no longer serve Kings Cross (both terminating at the Elephant), the 171 would miss out everything south of the Elephant (e.g. Camberwell Green), and the 3 would be cut back yet again to Whitehall Horseguards.

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