Halloween At Home: Let the Spooking Begin!

Herne Hill’s Halloween may be a bit different this year, but it is far from cancelled! Instead of the usual Station Square party, we are moving things online so the fun can continue safely.

Herne Hill Colouring Competition- 1 week left!

There is just one week left to be a part of the Herne Hill Mural Colouring-In Competition. Competition sheets will be on the Forum community tent this Sunday, 12th August - a choice of 2 images per age range (3 different age categories).

Simply colour in your picture, add your details on the back and pop into our post box at the stall. Sunday is the closing day for the competition, so watch this space to hear more about the winners soon (who will win the chance to be featured in the Underpass mural itself!) and runners-up. 

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