Doing Good in Herne Hill: Small Grants Available

Do you have a project or an idea which would help improve the environment, everyday life or general wellbeing in Herne Hill?

Need a kick start to get it going? Herne Hill Forum have some budget available for small grants for local projects - please see details of how to apply here:https://www.hernehillforum.org.uk/do-good-small-grants/

Mighty Hoopla and Cross the Tracks 2019 Community Fund

Cross the Tracks and the Mighty Hoopla have announced their Community Fund for 2019.

The fund consists of guestlist contributions paid by all attendees on the events guest list, and any profit from the eco glitter sales from the event days. 

The fund is open to local individuals, charities, organisations and local groups that are connected to Brockwell Park and its local area and provide activity or projects linked with both the park and the surrounding area.

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