Herne Hill Welcomes Refugees: A Celebration!

Herne Hill Welcomes Refugees are celebrating their #CommunitySponsorship of refugees journey so far and looking ahead to what’s next. A special evening of music, presentations, Q&A and special guest speakers including Helen Hayes MP.

The meeting is being hosted with the support of Herne Hill Society at Half Moon Lane Baptist Church, Wednesday 8th May, doors open with snacks and refreshments from 7pm.

Experience performing on a live music stage in private

JOM is offering youngsters the opportunity to experience performing on a sound stage in complete privacy or with just close family present – for free! If your child is musically minded or likes to put on a shows for the family from behind the sofa then this is a great next step. Acoustics are on a par with television shows like The Voice and X-Factor and the vibe is friendly.

Underpass Mural - 2,332 kids & local residents set what the Forum believes is a massive new record!

A long-awaited update on the World Record Attempt last week: local politicians, local actor Mark Rylance and thousands of Herne Hill residents came together to make it happen!

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