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The joy of a humanist naming ceremony

When you’d like to create an intensely personal and informal, yet meaningful, ritual to name your child, a humanist naming ceremony might well be the answer. Herne Hill’s humanist minister, Mark Hayford, explains.

Mummytime pamper events ‘popping up’ near you - just in time for Mother's Day

Your baby is a few months old. You haven’t had more than a few hours sleep at a time since they arrived. You look tired. You are tired. You’re desperate for some rest and relaxation. But how do you get it when you are caring for a baby full time? Anyone who has had children will know this feeling.

Finding out first-hand how difficult it is for new mums to access wellbeing therapies, new mums Galina and Lucy from South London decided to set up Mummytime Ltd – a series of pop up events providing me-time for mums.

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