11+ course

How to plan ahead for your child's 11+ exams

The summer term, in particular, is a critical time to ensure your child has a solid understanding of the core aspects of the 11+ syllabus and exam technique.

Based in Clapham South we are one of London’s leading Agencies, offering a multifaceted approach to education. Our team of experts have been successfully helping local children achieve places at the top Independent and Grammar schools for many years.

11+ Preparation Course at Dulwich College / Easter

Kickstart your 11+ campaign...

Award winning agency Mentor Education have been successfully preparing local children for their 11+ for over 35 years.This Easter we are repeating our popular 11+ Mastery Skills Workshop, designed to reflect the challenging content of the Independent School assessments. 

We recognise that high level 11+ experience is vital, and we recruit some of the best teachers in the business. This year our course is delivered by a current yr 6 teacher at a prominent London prep school. 

11+ Revision Courses at Dulwich College 19-21st Aug

11+ Revision Courses at Dulwich College run by Mentor Education 

We are repeating our popular 11+ courses at Dulwich College from 19th to 21st Aug (am & pm classess) - An opportunity to refocus after a long Summer, and kick start your campaign.

1. Advanced 11+ Maths & Reasoning Skills Camp - Taught by former head of Mathematics & 11+ prep at Westminster School

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