Christmas Tree

Where to put the Herne Hill Christmas Tree?

Lambeth have contacted the Herne Hill Forum to ask where the best place to put this years Christmas Tree would be.


This is our opportunity to find the best location for the centre of Herne Hill. In some prtevious years the tree has been installed in the middle of the traffic island outside the park entrance. This has looked good for the passing traffic but not worked well for singing Christmas carols or similar. It does have the advantage that there is power available nearby for the lights.


One alternative would be to install it outside the station so that it coud be enjoyed by everyone as they came off the train. It may be opossible to rig lights with power donated by a local trader. It would mean that singing carols round the tree would be easier but that people driving through Herne Hill would miss out.


It may also be possible to just decorate the existing tree outside the station and make it look really bright and beautiful. This would save on another tree simply by using an existing one.


What would you think is the best place? What would make it special for Herne Hill?


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