A snowy day in Herne Hill

John Jackson (http://www.bobteamgb.org/meettheteams/a/53/), British Bobsleigh champion came to Brockwell Park today to show us how it is done. He was accompanied by Chris Evans of Radio 2 and a camera crew from The One Show.
Chris Evans showed he was a good sport by joining the crowds on the hill and trying different types sledges. But dont get too excited about Brockwell Park becoming a snow sport venue, the park was chosen because the producer is a local resident. Jury's out on what works best, results will be on The One Show tomorrow (3rd).

The Herne Hill christmas tree was being erected and decorated on the traffic island at the junction this morning. The area is definitely getting into the festive mood, before the fayre on Saturday.

Grant and Kaija at the vegetable shop on Railton Road were up this morning at 2.00 to get to the market. They beat the rush to get the shop stocked up for the cold spell. Lots of ingredients are available for warming soup.

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