Lido carpark monitoring system goes live April 1st

Fusion has announced that the new carpark monitoring system at the Lido will go live on April 1st. It will operate via an automatic number plate recognition. Not an April Fool's line! Read more in the Fusion Lido news section:

Camera-controlled Brockwell Lido carpark set to start

Brockwell Lido carpark shakeup in store soon! Signage already in place for new camera-controlled parking restrictions, so read up before you take off leaving car behind - fines will be substantial!

Road into Lido carpark remains closed - nearly done?

As of this afternoon, the carpark into the Lido remained closed. It looks nearly done but as you can see from the picture composite, there are still post holes to sort out. At least people have figured out a way to come in from the street through the fencing (pic 2, counterclockwise from top)! Saves the long walk round from the Lido Cafe!

Brockwell Park drainage works begin

As you can see from the 3 photo panel (thanks to Giles Gibson for these), Brockwell Park's drainage works have begun as of today, April 24th, affecting the roadway into the park. This also means no carpark availability for at least a week. See the Lambeth notice below for further detail - this has been made available at Lido reception.

Lido disabled bay abuse rampant!

Perhaps the changes afoot for the Lido carpark are not before time as disabled bay violation (aka parking with no displayed badge) seems to have reached epic proportion over the last couple of days! We even photographed a skip in one of the bays. What's it doing there? Hard enough to get disabled parking in the carpark ... then to find a skip in one of them!!

Pay and display Lido carpark on course - just not quite sure when ...

People have wondered what the pink planning app strapped to a post outside of the Lido means for the carpark - a visit to the Lambeth Planning website with the app number revealed that the signs have to do with the new carpark plans ... which will include a £3.50 per hour tariff, with two hours free for Lido users and park users upon proper registration. You can get a look at the signage, maps, and photos at:

(we've linked it up with the plan ref)

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