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The Knackerd Chef Talks to Cafe Prov

My recent appointment has forced my weekly article to become bi-weekly until I can find time to fit it in amongst my multitude of ongoing and growing commitments.

Herne Hill Cycles for Sport Relief

The order of play for our community Sport Relief cycle.

You will  now also see money boxes in all participating shops. 

Get on and sponsor us. 

Cafe Prov fundraiser down to the last!

The good news is that Cafe Provencal owner Adam Shipley has a meeting with Thames Water tomorrow. The bad news is that there aren't any assurances and Cafe Prov's fundraiser is well shy of target with just a couple of days left. Posting on social media a short time ago, Adam wrote:

CafeProv announces opening soon

They're blogging it, so it must be true! Cafe Provencal is slated to open soon. The response on our Facebook has been ecstatic!

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