Burglaries in Village Ward - a message from the Safer Neighbourhood Team

Hi all,


unfortunately Village Ward appears to be being targeted by burglars at the minute. There have been several burglaries and several attempted burglaries in just the last few weeks and it appears to be more than one suspect/team out there committing them. Needless to say I have posted every single resource available to me to patrol the affected areas and some officers have had their shifts changed to be tasked appropriately at the problem.  The current theme of the burglaries that are occurring appear to be very low tech, in that the glass on front and rear doors is being smashed to gain entry. There were also three houses that have found tool marks where it looks as if someone has tried to prise open wooden sash windows, although thankfully access was not gained.



Herne Hill Crime update

From Herne Hill SNT.

Just wanted to keep you up to date with wants going on in Herne Hill,


There has been 6 burglaries in the last 2 weeks. 50% drop when compared to the previous 2 weeks.

Crime report for Lambeth

The Lambeth Partnership Tasking and Co-ordination report is now available. It covers the actions that Lambeth police have been taking, the stats on crime and where they are occuring and what is being done in the future.

Burglaries in Herne Hill are on the increase as is motor vehicle crime.

The full report is avaiable for download here.

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