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Brockwell Lido Spa Report! Jan 5th

Spa Report for last night JAN 5th: All up and running hot - sauna at 90, steam healthy, hydrotherapy pool on usual jet rotations and still missing the floor jet. Also all deck showers are operating again! So all good except for the few who always manage to come along and eat in the loungers leaving their rubbish, and some exfoliating out in the open, leaving debris in water pools by the loungers! We managed to get the eater to stop by notifying staff - and it was cleaned up soon after.

Pool opening/Open Air Active

As of last Saturday when we ( spoke to one of the pool fix folks (GRC Filtration Services, Oldham), the Lido pool was about a week away from refill. This may now depend on wet weather and how much painting is left to do.


Elsewhere, Open Air Active returns to the Lido, taking numerous favoured gym activities outdoors! The Running Club has been getting promo in the changing rooms. See timetable with this post!


You can also find Open Air Active on FB at:


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