Farewell Service for Community Leader CJ Faucher

Brockwell Lido Users mourn the sudden passing of Chair CJ Faucher

It's with great sadness that Brockwell Lido Users have announced the sudden passing of CJ Faucher, BLU’s Chairperson, on Friday 21st June. CJ was a dear friend and a vital member of our Lido community. A fixture in the gym, CJ unified Lido users by constantly trying to improve Lido services and by pioneering innovative events. He was also supportive of the recent efforts to revive Peckham Lido and active in connection with Friends of Brockwell Park. A book of condolences is currently available to be signed - you can find it at Lido reception.

Come to the BLU/BLSC AGM + Forum this Saturday!

It's your Lido in the heart of Herne Hill and Brockwell Park, so come to and be heard at the Brockwell Lido Users and Brockwell Lido Steering Committee Forum/AGM this Saturday 7th October in the Whippersnappers' Room in 

Reminder Lido User Forum tmrw 28th 10am-12pm; Lido disabled parking misuse continues

Wahey! Not one, not two or three, but all four disabled parking bays in the Brockwell Lido car park taken up by unbadged vehicles recently, and all at the same time! Witnessed one of the drivers pull up, take a bike out, and then pedal off into the park. Before she did, this very brief conversation took place:


WE: "These bays are for disabled users"

SHE: "So?"

WE: "Noticed you're not displaying a blue badge."

SHE: "I have one"

WE: "You need to display it if you have one or not park here"

SHE: "Sod off" (at which point she cycles off)


Reminder: Use Your Gym This Christmas!

Reminder! Don't forget to use the Lido gym this Xmas! Otherwise, Fusion will cut back on hours next year! A reminder of Lido Xmas/NY holiday times:

Monday 24 December   8am – 4pm


Tuesday 25 December   Closed


Wednesday 26 December Closed


Thursday 27 December 7am – 8pm


Friday 28 December 7am – 8pm


Saturday 29 December 8am – 6pm


Sunday 30 December 8am – 6pm


Monday 31 December 8am – 4pm


Tuesday 1 January 2013 Closed


Wednesday 2 January  Normal opening times



Lido Forum notes Hydrotherapy pool works soon at the Lido

There will be works in the Lido spa from 1-9 November. These works will be on the hydrotherapy pool and there are signs posted listing works planned at the Lido. These works were brought up at the Forum/AGM on Saturday. Fusion staff informed us after the Lido Forum that sauna/steamroom use should not be impacted during this period, but we will doublecheck. The Forum was useful with a decent turnout although as usual, not many spa users on hand! A few pictures from the event below. Here are the hydrotherapy pool planned works:


• The filter media will be changed and the filter is to be refurbished, including changing the media to Zeoclere which requires less water to backwash.


• Both circulation pumps are going to be replaced (they are both operational but one is at risk)


• A new balance tank level control will be installed.


• The Air jets and air blower will be altered to operate on fixed time sequence.


• The Feature pumps will also run on a fixed time sequence to remove the potential of static water.


• The balance tank will be cleaned.


Brockwell Lido Users Update

BLU (Brockwell Lido Users) latest newsletter

BLU's May newsletter (already emailed to members) is now online

News from BLU (Brockwell Lido Users)


Good news...


Revised (and final) plans for gym refurbishment are on display in the corridor leading to the gym.  Gym users are happier; work to replace almost all gym equipment and generally redecorate and refurbish is scheduled for June with much of it taking place during half term week to minimise disruption.  The gym will stay open during the works but some areas will inevitably be briefly out of bounds. 

Brockwell Lido & Lido Carpark Holiday Hours

New Lido manager Clare Motton has just released operating hours for both the Lido complex and carpark (they're the same hours) for the Christmas/New Year period. This is after some consultation with Lambeth, BLU, the Users' Forum here and on FB, and numerous others. A big improvement from last year's holiday hours when many Lido members and users were exasperated! So ... see you down the Lido! See timetable below.

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