bat day

Carnegie Library News Roundup: Storytelling! Bats! Foodbank! Poetry!

• Story Telling/Rhyme Time Under-5s @ Carnegie Library Aug 2nd - from 10.30am till noon tomorrow and every Friday with Caroline reading and singing songs + loads of lovely new toys!


• Don't forget Bat Fun Day this Saturday the 3rd: bat arts & crafts + bat lore 2-4:30pm. Break then meet on library steps 8:30pm for walk in Ruskin Park with bat expert and detectors!


• Reminder: there's now a foodbank collection point at the Carnegie so even easier to pop something into the box for those in need when you come to the library - btw take a book out into the library's tranquil garden! Today would be ideal with the heat … what a Herne Hill relaxer - a little Lido and a little library! The Cub Scouts did a great job of weeding and clearing up.


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