Herne Hill Music Festival needs leafleting help!

The Herne Hill Music Festival begins on the 11th of October with Stan Tracey at the Jazz On The Hill. Artists are lined up ... but we still need to get more leaflets out! This is the 2nd Fest year. Help us get to a third by mucking in with a wee bit of leafleting in a patch near you. If you can spare some time, contact Alan Taylor at:

Herne Hill Music Festival flyer is out ... and seeking flyer delivery assistance!

HHMF made its 2014 foldout flyer available over the past two weekends at Market Bandstand events - but have you had one yet? If you haven't it could be delivery still hasn't come to your street. In fact, they're looking for a little delivery help if you have time to spare over the next week or so. The Festival begins on October 10th. The Festival team set itself the large task of letterboxing 40,000 flyers this year - and there are another 7,000 or so to go. So if you think you can help with a few rounds, please email:   Much appreciated!


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