Network Rail and Herne Hill - responsible landlord wanted!

Possibly next for Herne Hill Station's Square? Report on Peckham's latest Network Rail consultation

Following a previous session in November 2013, a further consultation was held on Sat. Jan 18th in Rye Lane Baptist Chapel to meet the community about latest redevelopment plans for a new 'Peckham Piazza' in the area around Peckham Rye Train Station organised by what appears to be a group composed of Network Rail, TfL, architects and local government with manifesto driven by "promotion of (the area) as a catalyst for regeneration and higher value rental returns from Network Rail assets." (PECKHAM RYE STATION: the case for change - Southwark 2011 doc). This in turn looks to be driven by Spacia 'arches' generation schemes elsewhere - i.e. Wooten Street, Waterloo, also Bishopsgate. What was expected to be a more limited development of a square in front of the station (and here we thought Peckham already had a square development in front of the library) now looks to include high rises, demolition of arches retail space for generic retail space at higher rents, and incalcuable construction time. Leaseholders would be protected with some kind of buyout, renting traders would have 3 months' notice.

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