Alan Gaunt

'Feeling the Journey' carer art show opens March 6th, in HH Market this Sunday 24th


Caring for others is hard work anytime - but caring for the infirm, disabled or elderly is even harder. These carers are 'Everyday Heroes' who go about their business almost invisibly and are always exhausted since caring is usually full time work and unremunerated. Carers end up juggling jobs with caring duties - often at the cost of sleep! These days there's even less support, funding or respite in place to help take the pressure off. Caring really changes carers in the process.


To raise awareness of the very important role carers play in our community and to celebrate their efforts, Sarah Slee is putting on 'Feeling The Journey', an exhibition of works by artists who are or have been carers and have also been changed by the experience. The show will happen at the Whippersnappers Community Arts Centre situated in College Lodge (Dulwich Park) with an opening set for Sunday, March 3rd, from 2-6pm. It will happen mainly on Sundays every weekend until March 30th.


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