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Herne Hill Forum News

Updates on what has been happening with the Forum.


We are very pleased to announce that following on from the successful fund raising we have recruited two part-time workers to help on the various projects and admin that we need to do.


Michael Stuart is our new project manager working on the Railton Road project, promoting the traders and getting events to happen in the open space outside the station. The Forum volunteers are also working with Michael on a local map of amenities and traders in the area, adding fresh planting to the centre of Herne Hill and looking at a local trader loyalty card scheme.


Charlotte Ashworth is our admin supremo. She has taken on the herculean tasks of writing up the minutes of the meetings, co-ordinating the public meetings, and getting the information out to everyone.


If you see them around Herne Hill then please do say hello, or drop them a line via

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