Children’s Acrobatic and Capoeira classes in Whippersnappers at Brockwell Lido

Acrobatics Classes are led by The Mighty Wanderer Acrobat with Cate Mason and they take place after school on Tuesdays in Whippersnappers at Brockwell Lido. Classes are suitable for 5–13 year olds and are spilt into Beginners, Intermediate and Advance Levels. To register your child please ring 0207 738 66 33. Capoeira Classes (Brazilian Martial Arts) are led by Fabio Gomes and assisted by Annaliese Garratt. Suitable for 5-11 year olds. Also ring 0207 738 66 33 to book a place/get more info about next course


This is the Whippersnappers' most recently published activity timetable. If you have been searching for a locally-based martial arts class for yourselves or your kids, note the Capoeira and Kung-fu offerings at the Lido

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