The Society For The Protection of Unwanted Objects aka 125 Emporium

Selling Vintage objects and furniture of all descriptions for a variety of tastes.


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The Society For The Protection of Unwanted Objects aka 125 Emporium


a Vintage and Retro Shop has just re-opened


a new shop in Herne Hill, 125 Dulwich Road


125 Emporium is open:


Wednesday         2 pm  to 7 pm

Thursday            2 pm  to 7 pm

Friday                12      to 8 pm

Saturday            12      to 8 pm

Sunday              12      to 8 pm


Early bird gets the worm

Looks like the elusive Spring is back, its time to get planting.


The Society hasa quality range of gardening stuff on sale.


From garden pots of all shapes and sizes; glazed,terracotta and plastic, to netting, trellises and vintage garden tools.

The Society For The Protection of Unwanted Objects started after my partner, in a state of exasperation, once said that I was like a social work department for unwanted things. I have also been called someone who fosters furniture until it founds a good new home. The Society now welcomes you to our first shop, 125 Emporium.

The proprietor is James Castle - a collector and careful clearer of houses.

There a treasure trove of beautiful vintage objects on offer at decent prices for a broad selection of tastes. Retro and antique furniture, fabrics, collectable items, old advertising, tins, old and new art - pictures mostly, games, art and craft materials and literature, strange old industrial objects, classy cushions, cabinets, luggage - trunks and suitcases, vintage fashion and clothes, old toys & books.

The Society For The Protection of Unwanted Objects

125 Emporium

125 Dulwich Road,

Herne Hill SE24 ( close to the Florence )


Telephone 07817 538872



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