Naughty Magpie Willows

Willow sculptures for interiors and the garden.

I grow willow sustainably in West Somerset and bring it to Brixton.

Traditional English craft and material.

I hand cut the withies in the winter and make unique sculptures from the green willow wands.
Each is different, the colours, the size and the pattern is never the same twice.

Reindeer/stag head with antlers.

These are made from living willow, they look fab at Xmas and all the year round.

They are from £50.


Living Willow Structures availiable December to March, order now.

This amazing plant produces useful slender wands and if you stick them in the earth, they grow very easily. You can only do this while the plant is dormant, when it has no leaves on, in the winter, up until mid March.
I put kits together with all the instructions and aftercare notes, for living willow structures such as wigwams and tunnels for the little ones to play in, they are very easy to make and so long as the ground does not dry out they will grow almost anywhere. Every year you have to prune them and weave the new wands back into the frame.
Its not just for kids though, you could make an elegant arch on a pathway, or fashion a cool and shady bower around a bench for quiet times in the garden.
Drop me a line about your requirements, a small wigwam is £45 plus delivery and a large dome  £95 plus delivery. You can book a planting service if you prefer, and it is possible to turn the whole experience into a workshop with a school or youth group.

Huge Hearts
Looking for a wedding or housewarming present ?
Hearts are both beautiful and useful.
Hang it in the hall and keep your rain hat, dog lead, and letter to post in it.
Have it in the kitchen with your postcards and taxi numbers slipped into the willows.                               They look great hanging above the mantelpiece,  country, antique or modern, shabby chic, natural.
Suitable for indoor use, if used outdoors it will slowly decay over a few years.


Size of the hearts are Small at approx 30" at £38, Medium at approx 36" at £48 and large at approx 55" at £68.
In the pictures are a medium and a large.

DELIVERY £12 for a two day national delivery on the small, £15 medium, the large will have to be sent by courier.

You can always collect them from SW2 2UB, Brixton Hill, South London.


 I also make plant climbers, a centre piece in your garden, or if you are short of a space, a vertical garden by the back door or on the balcony.

The obelisk plant support is natural and handsome and will last 3 years or more in the garden.

While you are waiting for the runner beans, sweet peas to grow you can put a bird feeder inside the top and watch the birds from your window, lovely.

They come in all different sizes and are from £20. A great present with a difference.

Looking forward to your query.
Naughty Magpie (Sarah Lovett at Elm Park) 07976 272590


Elm Park, Brixton Hill
sw2 2ub