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Love cakes ! We too .....
Birthday Cakes London our mission and we are highly committed to it! 
We are a family business and we want to share our love and passion for cakes with you.

So whether you need a lovecake for a birthday, anniversary, a get together with your friends or something special for someone special you will find your perfect lovecake for every occasion on our site. All our lovecakes are homemade with an amazing taste. Every lovecake has its own little magic sparkle.

We use the best ingredients for a high quality and freshness every day. 

We are absolutely dedicated to our profession which you can taste in every bite of our lovecakes.

An intense and professional training in Germany and India gave us the knowledge, the practise and the pride to deliver the highest quality and standard of Cakes for you.

Years of working experience in some of the best 5* hotels in Germany, India and UK enhanced our professional skills and creativity. 
Share our passion for best quality, fresh ingredients and heavenly tasting Cakes and take the opportunity to savour your own lovecake at home!

''Life is not measured by the breaths you take, but by its breathtaking moments'' - "Anonymous"