Jeff Segal Cabinetmaker

Beautiful solid wood furniture, hand-made in Southwark

10kg net bag of firewoodI'm a Herne Hill-resident cabinetmaker, producing bespoke hand-made furniture in the Arts and Crafts tradition at my workshop near Tower Bridge. 

If you're looking for timber offcuts for your wood-burning stove, I've now got some more bags of fuel to sell. Each green net bag contains 10kg of wood, cut into handy 250mm lengths to fit most stoves.

I've got

  • three bags of English cherry at £12 a bag 
  • three bags of English walnut at £13 a bag 
  • two bags of mixed hardwoods (oak, ash, London plane etc) at £10 a bag 

All the timber is well-seasoned (air-dried for over two years) and available for collection from Warmington Road, Herne Hill.

Email me at or call me on 07990 566 056 if you're interested.

And if you've got a moment do have a look at my website at to read more about my work and see the kind of furniture I make.