Water Polo Coach

The Brockwell Swimmers club are in urgent need of an ASA level 3 'swimming' coach for their Summer Water Polo sessions at the Lido.

Their Monday evening recreational games have proved a great success over the last four years and helped build the club to over 150 members. The recreational team play indoors during the Winter and were hoping to again brave the colder waters of the Lido for ten Monday evening sessions 8pm starting 27th May.

However, their regular coach is now unable to attend Monday evenings and finding a replacement with these high levels of 'swimming' qualifications is proving impossible. Unless the club can find someone fast there will be no Water Polo at the Lido this year, and the players will move to Tooting Lido, where they are not required to supply a 'swimming' qualified coach. Probably a permanent move.

Water Polo is a great team game, great exercise and a great way to meet other swimmers. The sport combines speed and strength, as well as learning new skills and a high level of fitness. A refreshing change from trudging endless lengths in the pool on your own. For an outline of the basic rules visit the Swim England web site.

Because of its depth, Brockwell Lido is the only pool in Lambeth where the sport can be played correctly. Unless the club can find a qualified 'swimming' coach soon Water Polo will be moving out of the borough to Wandsworth.

To contact the club go to their web site at www.brockwellswimmers.com


A possible way to have Water Polo at Brockwell Lido this Summers is to run it on Tuesday nights instead. Steve (who has the necessary level 3 qualifications) could coach those nine evenings and the club would find a temporary swim coach for our Swim Sessions at JAGs.

At the moment this seems to be the most achievable solution. Please vote Yes or No at - https://www.facebook.com/brockwellswim

brockwell lido water polo

Jason has confirmed that Fusion are now happy to relax their qualification requirements and will allow a level 1 coach and no CRB check.

This now means Monday evenings are possible again. Here are the options:

1. Brockwell Swimmers - the easiest option as we would just repeat what we have done in previous years (Tooting sessions would be organised jointly).

2. South London Swimming Club - more complicated as players would need to sign up for SLSC Membership. Payment for Brockwell Lido would be through the Tooting Lido web site. This would also require a Special General Meeting as this decision would effect club income and property.

3. South London United Polo Club - most complicated as this would require the formation of a new club: bank account, web site, CASC registration, etc. etc. etc.

My recommendation would be the first which would be the quickest and easiest to achieve as Brockwell Swimmers already has a hire application in for this.

If Jason is unwilling to organise players will need to find another representative to submit another form (I have a copy if you need one).

Any questions let me know.