Thank you! 1500 pieces of kid's clothing passed onto Mothers in Herne Hill

Between 8th February and Mother's Day 2016 the Herne Hill Forum collaborated with charity Hubbub and the local community to create beautiful 'Bundles of Joy'. Local families sorted and gifted their pre-loved baby and children’s clothing by wrapping them in provided cloth bags, in order to pass on to other local Mums. 

Why? When is comes to children’s clothing we’ve been looking behind the seams. The average family spends a whopping £11,000 on clothing per child growing up. Meanwhile nearly 1/3 of UK clothing ends up in landfill, losing all value. The Bundle of Joy campaign increases the lifespan of tots' togs; decreasing the amount of clothing that goes to waste whilst helping local families save money.

252 'Bundles of Joy' were gifted, each containing approximately 6 items of clothing. This means over 1,500 peices of children's clothes will be passed on as gifts to other Mums in Herne Hill. 

The clothing will be distributed through the following local organisations: The Salvation Army West Norwood, One O'clock Club Brockwell Park, St Micheal's Fellowship, Jelly Tots Café, One O'clock Club Peckham Rye Park. 

Missed the Bundle of Joy flashmob? Watch it here: 

There's so many ways we can continue to share our resources in Herne Hill to prevent waste, save money and support one another. Do keep on sharing your kid's clothing and we hope to see you at the next Herne Hill Forum project! 

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