Tackle reckless drivers on Half Moon Lane with a speed gun

Are you worried about speeding and dangerous driving on Half Moon Lane? Come and join in a Community Roadwatch there on Wednesday, November 21. You'll get the chance to work alongside a local police team and learn how to handle a speed gun to identify reckless road users.

The group will be meeting at the Village Way junction with Half Moon Lane at 2pm before moving to a suitable spot nearby to use the equipment. The session will last two hours, breaking up at 4pm. 

Driver behaviour on Half Moon Lane seems to have been getting worse this year and local people are calling on the police and council to take measures before there are any more serious accidents. Let's make a start with the Roadwatch scheme and see if we can begin to deter the lawbreakers.

Image source: https://www.yelp.co.uk/biz/dulwich-village-london


jeff.segal.cabinetmaker: Who are the organisers? There's expressed interest for this elsewhere, like Milkwood Road ...

Thanks for this. Milkwood Road is in Lambeth, and I'm afraid I don't know the organiser there. As I understand it, the police Safer Transport Team in each borough is responsible for holding Roadwatches. Try contacting Herne Hill ward councillor Becca Thackray - she'll certainly know.