Seeking information on Mum who was brought up in Herne Hill


My family now live in Essex but our parents from my mums side of the family (2 sisters and 1 brother) were born and raised in Herne Hill. Sadly all three have now passed away but I would like to find out more about Herne Hill as my mum spoke about her childhood there so fondly.

My mum Rita Feekery (maiden name and name when in Herne Hill) was born in 1930 and would have moved away from the area around 1955 ish.

She grew up in Milkwood Road and in another street but I don't have the name of the street at this time. Mum grew up during the war years and was evacuated for 3 years but still witnessed a lot of the wartime years in Herne Hill. She used to talk about the railway line always being targeted and talked about the fire at the old Crystal Palace.

I would love to know how I can find out more about my mums past. My brother and myself and my daughter have visited twice recently. It has a lovely feel about the place and the park is magnificent just as my mum described it. Unfortunately the library wasn't open when we visited as was hoping I could find out some information from there about what the other street was where she lived.

My mum passed away just over a year ago, mum only went back to Herne Hill once with us but I was too young to remember.

If there are any suggestions or forums/get together that I could be included in with my family, I would really appreciate it.

We were all so close to mum and dearly miss her so finding out more about her past in Herne Hill would be really pleasing for me and my family. I am now in my early 50's and my family would also love to hear about how I get on as my mum was loved by everybody.

thank you


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