School of Hard Knocks - Southwark Schools

We have been working in East London with pupils in danger of exclusion from school, starting in year 9 and taking them through to the end of their GCSE course. Our results have been fantastic and we are about to start a new project in Southwark. Bacon's College are participating and we have several others interested if we can raise the funds to run a full programme.  We are hoping to raise £22,500 to supplement funds already raised to work with 75 boys in each year group.

It costs £600 per pupil per year to take the boys (only at the moment) out of school one afternoon a week and give them rugby based fitness training and intensive mentoring to help them with family, social or school problems that they may have. Please go to or look at the SoHK facebook page where you can see our video and read about the results achieved so far in East London. Thank you for your support,

Tom Peyton


This is a great project and deserves support. Do watch the inspiring video and consider contributing via crowdfunding. 

Herne Hill has a blog about connecting the community in Herne Hill. Bacon's College is participating in raising the funds to run a full project and programming. Here you can get help from essay writer to submit your task on time. You can also operate yourself in adding for work. Join in for more

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