Results of consultation on outline options for Carnegie hub

The results of the local consultation on the architects’ Options for Carnegie have been reported by independent consultant Locality. 
Visit our website for both the independent results report and a complete record of all comments and suggestions received.  

Enthusiastic response.  Many thanks to all who contributed to our consultation.  We are delighted with the community’s response, both in quantity and quality.  Please take time to look through the documents, they make interesting reading.  As expected, the Option preferred by the 187 people who completed the questionnaire was Option 1 (Library as is) which was supported by 60%.  The next best liked Option was Option 3a (Workspaces in basement and ground floor café) which won 41% support.  Obviously those are the views of the 187 people who completed the questionnaire, so they don’t necessarily represent the views of the local community as a whole.  Nevertheless the information is a ‘temperature test’ of opinion to that extent.

In addition to the ‘likes/dislikes’ of the outline Options, it is very interesting to read people’s comments and suggestions.  And encouraging, to receive so many views and to realise how much thought and care lay behind them.  As in 2000, when the Friends conducted a community survey, it is clear that local residents do want to be involved in the future of the Carnegie.  Naturally, their views and comments differ greatly, with quite a number being diametrically opposed.  Some are simply opposed to any change.  This is all to be expected, and the wide range of views is welcomed.  Above all, the response marks an outpouring of support for developing a true community hub for everyone in our neighbourhood.

Building on this positive outcome, and referring to the feedback received, the Shadow Trust Board will continue to engage with residents on future uses of the building, through its volunteer Working Groups.  This will inform production of an Activities Plan and a Business Plan, both of which are essential for a Community Asset Transfer, as well as funding applications.  The STB will shortly establish a charitable local community Trust to take over and continue the project. Information about this and other news will be posted on our website.

Volunteers will always be needed. If you have already volunteered and are waiting to hear more, please be assured, you are on our List.  If you have an idea for an activity, please get in touch. If you haven’t yet volunteered but would like to add your name to our general list, or might be able to help with a particular aspect of the project, again do please get in touch.  Thank you.  The contact email is