A Positive future for Brockwell Sports Clubs?

Following a Freedom of Information request, Brockwell Swimmers club have obtained a copy of this year’s Annual Service Delivery Plan 2018-2019 as agreed in February by the Brockwell Lido Steering Commitee, Fusion Lifestyle and Lambeth Council. This is an important document as it outlines what contractual services the managing company must provide during the following 12 months.

The club is pleased to see a new Objective in the document which seeks "To develop positive and proactive partnerships with key local sports clubs". Such a statement has never been included in previous Plans and Brockwell Swimmers hope this will be the start of a stronger working relationship between clubs based at the Lido and the managers of the pool. Club Chair Tim Sutton will be meeting with the managent team later this month to discover how positive and proactive Fusion intend to be.

There is often confusion about how the Lido is operated. Brockwell Lido is owned by Lambeth Council and managed by Fusion Lifestyle. The body set up to protect users’ interests is the Brockwell Lido Steering Group.

The Brockwell Lido Steering Group is the only body Lambeth or Fusion are contractually obliged to listen to (not BLU) and is made up of local stake holders with connections to the Lido, click here to read their constitution. One of its objectives is “To encourage and support users and others in putting forward new ideas, suggesting activities and identifying fund raising opportunities”. Herne Hill Forum is a member of the Brockwell Lido Steering Committee.

Although the Lido has two sports clubs (Brockwell Swimmers and Windrush Triathlon Club) neither are presently represented on the Brockwell Lido Steering Committee.

A full copy of the Service Delivery Plan 2018-2019 can be found from the FOI request by clicking here.

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