Parks Events/Field Day Feedback Sessions: 16th & 17th October

Many of you have been asking us about Brockwell Park and Field Day, namely:
- Is there any update on the planned public feedback sessions?
- What is going on with repair work in the park (see the photo above for evidence of broken gates) and the restoration of the grass?

Field Day and Lambeth were both invited by the Forum, as before, to take part in a public meeting which would be an opportunity for local residents to put questions to them.

However, both organisations decided they would prefer to organise their own drop-in sessions, where the public will be able to meet representatives.

The full details of Lambeth's drop-in sessions are below:

"Lambeth Council is pleased to announce that Field Day & Mighty Hoopla will be hosting two drop-in feedback sessions at 198 Gallery on October 16 and October 17. 
The sessions will be an opportunity for residents and businesses to give their views, experiences and reflections on the Field Day and Mighty Hoopla festival which took place in Brockwell Park in June. There will also be the opportunity to learn more about how the Community Fund was allocated. 

The sessions will consist of a series of information panels, with Field Day and Mighty Hoopla staff on hand to discuss all aspects of how the Field Day and Mighty Hoopla was delivered and managed.  Members of the EventLambeth Team and local Councillors will also be on hand to listen to feedback from the community.
The session are on Tuesday 16th October from 11am to 3pm and Wednesday 17th October from 5pm to 8pm.  Gallery 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning, 198 Railton Road, London SE24 0JT
If you are not able to attend then you can email EventLambeth with your feedback. – please ensure you put ‘Field Day & Mighty Hoopla feedback’ in the subject line".

(Image source: BBC News/Lambeth Council)