Open letter to Green Party councillor Becca Thackray

Dear Councillor Thackeray

Your leaflet has just been posted through my door, and I was surprised to read in it that you have asked the council to to introduce a car exclusion zone around the school my kids attend - Jessop Primary.  

You say this comes from you meeting with parents, which is where I am puzzled. Perhaps some parents would support an exclusion zone, perhaps others would not. The point is neither you nor I know, because we haven’t asked them!   

What we know Jessop parents are concerned about (because it came up so often at the parents forum that we undertook a survey), is the speeding traffic and lack of safe crossing place on Milkwood Road.  

The survey of parents found that 9 out of 10 were concerned about road safety near the school.  When asked what specifically they were concerned about, the top scoring answer was a, “lack of safe crossing places on Milkwood Road or at other junctions near the school” (78%), followed by “speeding cars on Milkwood Road” (65%).

That’s why we started an online petition which I invite you now to support.

Before I support a car exclusion zone, I want to know that my children will be safe cycling or walking to and from school.  Also I want to know that other parents have been consulted in a meaningful way - some travel from further away, dropping off younger kids to nurseries and rushing to get to work on time. Your plans need to be practical for them too.

I’m sure that if you support the parents’ documented demands to enforce the 20mph speeding limit and invest in a safe crossing place, it would strengthen your campaign.  Currently many parents are too worried about safety to let their children walk or cycle unaccompanied. This is why you see children cycling on the pavements in the mornings. And children halfway across the road standing on traffic islands, nervously considering when’s the right time to make the final dash.

I hope you will support our campaign, because I think the two issues could be complementary - they just need proper consultation and careful planning.

Kind regards,

Tamora Langley, Railton Road


i agree. The road issues around our school are speeding, specifically on milkwood Road. We’ve been waiting for years for the council to do something about it. 

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