No Health without Mental Health - Public Meeting, 26th September

Is children and young people’s mental health important to you? Are you worried by every day
news that young people are struggling and there’s no money to help them? What would you do if
your child was self-harming or distressed and unable to get help? 

Join a public meeting hosted by the campaigning group 'No Health without Mental Health' to discuss and protect the future of mental health services for children and young people (CAMHS) in Southwark.

The meeting will involve residents, parents, young people, doctors & nurses, CAMHS clinicians
and local councillors. There will also be representatives from Southwark Council and NHS
managers to answer questions from the public.

- Southwark NHS mental health services (CAMHS) support thousands of children and young
people across our borough.
- Despite their best efforts, Southwark CAMHS are increasingly under pressure with rising
demand: services only reach 24% or 1 in 4 of our children and young people in need. 
- Around 10% of children and young people age 5 – 10 years have a mental health disorder.
- Mental health problems starting in childhood can be long lasting with 50% of mental illness in
adult life starting before the age of 15, and 75% by the age of 18 years. 
- There has been a 200% increase in A&E attendance for mental health problems by young
people under 18 in recent years.
- In 2016/17, Southwark Council paid for 20% - 25% of CAMHS annual funding. But as the
government cuts billions of funds to local authorities, the money for young people’s mental health
is under threat. 
- No Health without Mental Health want to protect our children and young people’s mental health services, and want these
services to reach out to even more young people. 
- Southwark Council and the NHS CCG have carried out a recent review of CAMHS services. We
want this to be a chance to improve services, and not to cut them!

Who: residents, parents, young people, doctors, nurses & therapists, representatives from
Southwark Council and from the Care Commissioning Group (CCG) from NHS England

When: Wed 26 September 7.30pm
Where: Herne Hill Methodist Church, Half Moon Lane, Herne Hill, SE24 9PW

Come and join our public meeting: 
To campaign to safeguard funding (and improve resources) for Southwark children and young
people mental health services (CAMHS)
To hear and comment on the results of the CAMHS review 
To have your say on how the services should be

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