Nappy Bag Alert and Greenhouses half term fun

Maia has shared this bit of news on our Facebook page and with it a great photo! "This nappy bag has been lost in brockwell park and handed in to the greenhouses. Apparently someone with a double buggy dropped it. Can you share on the forum? Thanks".

And just to make this post additionally informative on a slow Herne Hill news cycle day - while you're at Brockwell Park Community Greenhouses to find out if indeed this is your bag, check out their half term activites scheduled for this week and events coming up this weekend, which include 'Make a Bird a Home' on Valentine's Day!! -

• 'Feathered Friends' - Tues 13th Feb. 10.30am-noon: Bird-spotting in the Gardens, also bird feeder making and bird nest investigation 

• 'Make a Bird a Home' - Weds 14th Feb. 10.30am-12:30pm: It's National Nest Box Week and Valentine’s Day, time to to decorate a nest box for feathered friends - show your love for Mother Nature!

• 'Let's Get Twiggy' - Saturday 17th Feb.  10.30am-12:30pm: "Discover activities that you can do with twigs; from creating your own piece of land art, making a musical instrument, building a twig tower, or making natural paintbrushes."

 Also listed in upcoming events here: