Mummytime pamper events ‘popping up’ near you - just in time for Mother's Day

Your baby is a few months old. You haven’t had more than a few hours sleep at a time since they arrived. You look tired. You are tired. You’re desperate for some rest and relaxation. But how do you get it when you are caring for a baby full time? Anyone who has had children will know this feeling.

Finding out first-hand how difficult it is for new mums to access wellbeing therapies, new mums Galina and Lucy from South London decided to set up Mummytime Ltd – a series of pop up events providing me-time for mums.

“My baby Isabelle was three months old,” explains Lucy, “I was so exhausted, tired and achy. For my sake and Isabelle’s I needed to do something to make myself feel better. But going for a massage with a young baby in tow just wasn’t an option. It got me thinking about how many other mums felt like I did.”

Mummytime believes a happy mummy equals a happy baby. Its events give mums the chance to be pampered and get some much needed relaxation time while their baby is cared for in an on-site crèche.

Galina says: “After having Simon I went to a post-natal retreat abroad, as suggested by my mother-in-law. It gave me something to look forward to and some time to focus on myself after giving birth and adjusting to motherhood.  Through Mummytime we want to offer mums something like this, but make it available in their local community.”

Mummytime is running its first event on 1 March in the Carnegie Library, Herne Hill, where guests can select one of three pamper packages to enjoy (each includes two wellbeing therapies), use of the crèche and attend expert talks on fitness and life coaching. Tickets are £50.

“It’s important to us that as many people as possible can come to our events,” says Lucy, “and while we’ve worked hard to keep the ticket price affordable, there is no compromise on quality.”

Therapies will be provided by Return to Glory, London’s premium mobile beauty and massage service and the crèche by childcare specialists for over ten years, Harmony at Home.

To book or find out more please visit

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