Local swimming club refused hire of Brockwell Lido

Brockwell Swimmers is a non-profit South London swimming club run by volunteers and based at Brockwell Lido, Herne Hill, London SE24 (this is still owned by Lambeth Council but managed by Fusion Lifestyle). The aims of the club are to encourage more people to swim and more people to use this wonderful Art Deco pool. We currently have over 100 members.

Since 2016 the club has run numerous successful events at the Lido including Summer Water Polo sessions and Club Spring Relays. All our events have proved popular and encouraged hundreds more people to use this wonderful outdoor pool. This is good for the future of Brockwell Lido, good for swimming and good for the local community.

However this year, despite many applications going back ten months, Fusion Lifestyle have refused us any hire of the pool.

For more information about our club please visit our web site at www.brockwellswimmers.com or social media #brockwellswim. Our club has also featured in National Magazines (Club of the Month in Outdoor Swimmer), is a registered Community Amateur Sports Club (or CASC) and featured in Lambeth Council publications.

If you believe that a local community should have access to its own public sports facilities please sign our petition:



"Swimming clubs and swimming enthusiasts have been the lifeblood of lidos, particularly in times of difficulty. The shouldn't be pushed
out into the cold by private profit steered organisations.”

"This is the long term community based group which supports and promotes the pool. The contractor needs to respect this and support the events it runs.”
"Local pools should be made available for local groups.”

"The pool is for the community to use and promote healthy lifestyles.”

"I am signing because I am wild and open air swimmer, who learned to swim as an adult and it is really important for such groups to have access to these facilities so stop taking the corporate line and let facilities be use by those that want to pay for them.”
"It's time to reward all the hard work done by this club! Allow them to hire the Lido.”

"Outdoor swimming is a massively beneficial pursuit and must be supported and encouraged for as many as possible.”

"Swimming should be for everyone.”

"Because the Lido is for everyone.”

"yet another example of outsourcing NOT benefiting local communities.”
"I'm signing because Brockwell Lido is a community asset for both Lambeth and London. The council needs to review the terms of the lease.”

"Lidos are for swimmers - bring on Brockwell Swimmers for starters.”

"What a ridiculous situation. Who stands to gain from this? Not, it seems, the local community."