Holiday Hunger - Happy Lunches and Play- Max Roach One O' Clock Club - LCC

Since the lockdown in March commenced,  Max Roach One O' Clock Club  - LCC   have delivered, 4815 happy lunches, to 140 children, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Freshly prepared nutritious lunches, and play resources were distributed by our staff  on bikes, door to door to our vulnerable children aged 2- 13 and families in need,  ensuring, children and families were feeling safe, mentally and physically. And if there were other concerns, observed by staff and members of the community, then with immediate effect, families were being consulted, and statutory body's were contacted to intervene.  It is so much more than just a meal.

Since lockdown families are saying:

  • 73% have less money.

  • 55% not much food, because shops do not have the supplies we need.

  • 39% I have no way of getting to shops or food banks.

  • 41% I cannot get the food that meets our diet.

  • 82% of families taking part in Kitchen Social have reported emergency support has made a positive difference to their families

 Without the publics, donations and funds from donors/sponsors we were not able to sustain this project thus far. Children and families would have been in a very difficult predicament. And we are now also preparing for the coming months post Covid-19, if we come out of lockdown, (i.e. the mental state) of the children and how they will react to being back in an open environment etc.

We have currently raised £11,072 on our donation page and I therefore ask, if you could kindly donate  via our webpage on, in order for us to take care of our children in the community and sustain they meals and wellbeing. You can also donate via the Big Give here:

 Mala Naicker -Chair  - Max Roach One O'clock Club & Adventure Playground -LCC, Wiltshire Road, Brixton, SW9 7NE, 07932918026



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