HHMF Music in the Park Day Oct 11th

Matthew Allgood of @BrockwellParkCP Brockwell Park Community Partners​ explains what MADD for Brockwell Park​ is about during another collaboration with Herne Hill Music Festival​. On Saturday Oct 11th the Festival helps bring the curtain down on MADD for Brockwell Park 2015 with three concerts. Park play starts with Peter Black at 1.30 in Brockwell Hall, All Saints Concert Band​ is also MADD for Brockwell Park's 2015 FREE concert season closer at 2.30, and finally, it's jazz singer Harriet Eaves with accompanist in Brockwell Park Community Greenhouses​ at 3.30.

Get more details about these Park concerts from the Herne Hill Music Festival website at: http://www.hernehillfestival.org/?page=programme&id=2015-10-11