Herne Hill Waste Collective - launched!

We all know that rubbish in Herne Hill is a problem.  Overflowing wheely bins crowd our pavements, making access a real problem for wheelchair users whilst attracting rats, foxes and fly tippers - along with the inevitable pile-up of coffee cups from well-meaning passers by.  It's not a great way to advertise the area.

But what is the solution?

A group of pioneering local businesses has clubbed together to launch the 'Herne Hill Waste Collective' to tackle this problem. 

The waste collective is a revolutionary partnership between local traders, the Herne Hill Forum, and Quantum Waste, with full support from Lambeth and Southwark Councils.  Its main aim is to remove the big commercial wheely bins from our streets, clean up Herne Hill and provide local businesses with the most efficient and sustainable waste collection service possible - by clubbing together, businesses have pooled enough volume of waste to support a timed bag collection every day, meaning they no longer have to store their commercial waste all week long in big bins on the pavement or behind the counter. 

Everything collected by Quantum Waste is recycled - food is composted into liquid fertiliser and bio-fuel and the rest is stripped down and re-used.  So it's a real 'good news story' to celebrate, in an age when almost all of our local commercial rubbish still goes straight to landfill.

Benefits of this approach include:

  • A strong brand image and great 'good news story' for particpating businesses
  • A much better public realm throughout Herne Hill
  • Fewer complaints about the current state of bins, rubbish and lack of recycling locally
  • First rate sustainability and recycling credentials provided by an innovative local company
  • Daily collection service meaning all waste is collected daily, with no need to store overnight and maximum convenience to staff
  • Competitive costing and no binding contract allowing flexibility and afordability for businesses
  • Putting Herne Hill on the map for an ambitious and ground-braking approach to business waste management, led by a community of dedicated traders

 The pioneering first starters on this scheme are listed below, with more businesses joining every week. Watch out for the blue window stickers appearing soon, and celebrate those who are on board - or ask your favourite local haunt to join the scheme if you're not happy with their current waste management approach.

Who's leading the scheme (with more joining every week):

We also have a wish list of businesses who have big bins out on the streets, including Pizza Express, Sainsbury's and Tesco - anything you can do to help us encourage these businesses to join the scheme would be very welcome! 

In the meantime, we'll keep working together to combat streets like these:


This looks a terrific initiative. I'd love to get rid of the big bins at the bottom of Milkwood Road, which have been a health hazard and an obstacle for residents, shoppers and commuters for years.

I'd be happy to email the people and companies responsible but could someone on the Forum team confirm who these are? I'm guessing Sainsbury's, Pizza Express, the landlord/freeholder of the Bank Chambers flats and possibly Tesco's.


Hi Jeff,

Thanks so much for your offer of help. It would be great if you're happy to help us lobby on this. If you could drop us an email at info@hernehillforum.org.uk, we can take it from there and look forward to working together to get these bins shifted! Lucy