Herne Hill Neighbourhood Plan public meeting and EGM

What is your vision for Herne Hill over the coming years? 

What does it need; housing, transport, environment, amenities, planning, economy?

Herne Hill is developing a Neighbourhood Plan that will be the blueprint for how development can take place in the local area. The Neighbourhood Plan is written by the local residents and traders who live in the area, thats you!

The meeting on the 27th is the start, getting your ideas, priorities and contributions that will make up the Neighbourhood Plan. It will be a hands-on event, everyone able to contribute. 

We hope it will also be a great social event, som efood, the chnace to meet other people in the neighbourhood and to find out more about what makes the area tick.

In addition to the main event the Herne Hill Forum is recommending some changes to its constitution: these are primarily to do with the need to bring it up to date to conform with legal requirements to enable the Forum to prepare a neighbourhood plan. There will therefore be a short section of the meeting set-aside for the EGM.

The changes are highlighted so you can see what the changes are and set out here is a brief explanation of some of the changes. A copy of the last approved constitution (2004) can be seen for you to compare the two.



  • Under purpose (para 2.1), this wording is advised to meet the specific requirements of the legislation and sets out what the main focus of the Forum should be
  • In para 2.3, not all these clauses are completely new but they have been amended to reflect the needs of the neighbourhood plan process
  • The changes in para 3.1 are to enable ward councillors and other groups to join the Forum
  • The Forum aims to have a membership representative of the area and this aim is set out in para 3.2
  • Para 3.3 simply adds an EGM
  • Paras 4.5 and 4.6 changes the notice period from 10 to 14 days
  • Para 6.1 is changed because of the need to have  a larger committee from which a group to promote the neighbourhood plan can be drawn
  • The need to be able to co-opt new members outside an AGM or EGM is stated in para 6.4
  • The area of interest section at 8 is needed because although a neighbourhood plan area has to be strictly defined, the wider area of interest of the Forum can be wider.

These will be put forward for approval at the EGM and public meeting to be held on January 27th at 7:00pm at the Herne Hill Baptist Church, Half Moon Lane.

For more information please contact info@hernehillforum.org.uk

We look forward to seeing you the 27th.  Besides the serious stuff, there will be some food and refreshments.