Herne Hill eyesore to be decorated

Rymer Street and railton Road derelict shops

As a result of the work done by Herne Hill Forum Lambeth Council have issued a Section 215 notice to the landlords of the empty shops on the corner of Railton Road and Rymer Street. They have been left empty for over 20 years and are in a poor state of repair. They detract from the area and despite there now being strong demand for retail premises the landlords have to date not rented them out.

The landlords have agreed to have some remedial works carried out to improve the look of the premises so that they do not detract from the local area so much.

They are looking for quotes from local builders and decorators to carry out this work.

In addition, the landlords are keen to redecorate the roller shutters by commisioning a local artist to paint them with an approproiate design.

The works to be done are:

1) Clean and prepare all shop front fascia joinery at ground floor level, removing in the process any flaking paint, replacing any rotten and perished timbers with replacement matching woodwork. Fit each section of shop fascia with a single fascia board, ensuring all external joinery is in an appropriate condition for repainting.

2) Remove the metal cladding from the pilasters, and repair and render the pilasters ensuring they are in an appropriate condition for repainting.

3) Clean the metal roller shutters to ensure they are in an appropriate condition for repainting.

4) On completion of steps (1-3) above, remove all resultant rubble, debris and waste items from the premises to an authorised place of disposal.

5) On completion of steps (1-3) above, repaint all render pilasters with a minimum of two coats of white exterior masonry paint.

6) On completion of steps (1-3) above, repaint all external timber shop fascia-boards in white with exterior grade primer, undercoat and topcoat.

7) On completion of steps (1-3) above, paint the metal roller shutters with primer and undercoat ready for final artwork painting (by others). 

If you are a local builder or decorator who would be interested in quoting for the following work then please contact jasbir panesar who is the laison person on behalf of the landlords.

If you are a local artist and would relish the opportunity of tackling an artwork project that covers all the roller shutters of these shops then please drop a line to the Herne Hill Forum who are coordinating this aspect of the improvements. Your design will need to be eye-catching, in keeping with the area, something that will capture the imagination and be a real statement about the great things about Herne Hill.


This is great news re the decoration, although does this mean that the landlords still have no intentions to let out the premises? If so, will Lambeth not take control of the premises? It's such a prominent site it would surely be snapped up.

We are in discussion with the landlords to encourage them to put the units up for rent. Lambeth cannot at this stage take control of the premises as they are not yet structurally unsound. There are many local businesses that would be very keen on taking the shop units.

I've kind of hear the context of why this has happened.

Now that it's been cleared out inside, would they consider a non-profit community use instead... aka. meanwhile space?